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BC-Sports Showcase Digest

October 25, 2017
BC-Sports Showcase Digest,200


Based on your feedback, we are changing how we promote some of our top features to offer you more time and flexibility in deciding how to present them to your audiences. The result of those changes begins this Thursday when we release the Sports Showcase Digest, which will replace the Sports Weekend Digest.

The Sports Showcase Digest will look ahead to top enterprise stories planned globally over the next week, with most stories moving early in the day for U.S. audiences. New digests will go out each Thursday and Monday, and repeated on other weekdays to remind you of what’s coming up.

Our goals for this change are to tell you about stories further in advance and more often, get those stories to you early on the days we promise them so you can slot them as you see fit and to showcase our top stories that move during the week — a more convenient time for many of our customers.

As with all our operations, we welcome and want your feedback. If you have thoughts or questions, please reach out to Oskar Garcia, assistant sports editor for the east region, at 215-446-6632 or at ogarcia(at)ap.org.


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