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1,000 Marcos Supporters March Near Palace, Americans Threatened With PM-Marcos

May 20, 1989

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ About 1,000 Ferdinand Marcos supporters marched today near the presidential palace to demand their leader’s return and cheered when a speaker predicted ″a lot of dead Americans″ if Marcos dies in exile.

Marcos, 71, was in critical condition today in a Honolulu hospital after undergoing emergency kidney surgery.

President Corazon Aquino on Friday refused to allow Marcos to return from his Hawaiian exile and said her government will not permit the ousted president to be buried in the Philippines despite ″a last appeal″ from his wife.

Mrs. Aquino conferred today with five Cabinet members about Marcos’ health, and afterward officials said the ban on the former president’s return - dead or alive - still stands.

About 1,000 Marcos loyalists, chanting ″Bring back Marcos″ and ″Marcos once more,″ marched today from Quezon city to within 100 yards of Mrs. Aquino’s office in Malacanang Palace before plainsclothed police turned them back.

They withdrew about 150 yards and began a ″prayer vigil″ under the watchful eyes of about 30 policemen.

During the rally, radio commentator Leo Obligar warned of a revolution if Mrs. Aquino does not relent and allow Marcos to die in the land he ruled for 20 years.

″I also assure you that if Marcos dies, there will be a lot of dead Americans,″ Obligar said as the crowd cheered wildly. ″We want Marcos to return here to prevent a revolution.″

Later, Obligar told reporters, ″Filipinos will kill Americans because it is the Americans who are causing trouble.″ He did not elaborate.

Marcos supporters blame the United States for ″kidnapping″ their leader to Hawaii during the 1986 popular uprising that toppled his government and propelled Mrs. Aquino to power.

On Friday, Marcos’ wife, Imelda, broadcast an appeal to Mrs. Aquino to allow her husband to die in the Philippines.

In a statement broadcast by a pro-Marcos radio station, Mrs. Marcos said she has tried to telephone Mrs. Aquino from Hawaii but was told the president was busy.

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