City raises rates of park rentals, auditorium beer

March 22, 2019

If you rent out the facilitates at the David City Park or buy beer from the Municipal Auditorium, prepare to start paying more.

The David City City Council voted to approve several rates increases at its meeting on March 13. Park and Auditorium Supervisor Bill Buntgen said the last time the city adjusted these rates was back in 2006, adding the increase is necessary to help with maintenance and operational costs.

“There are just a few increases, and they’re not very big increases,” Buntgen said. “All the prices are reasonable.”

The Schweser House, an enclosed facility at the park, had its rate for a 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. rental increased from $30 to $40. For all-day rentals it was increased from $45 to $55. The campground rental rate was increased from $10 a day to $15 and rental of the football field went from $85 to $100.

At the auditorium, 699 Kansas St., the price of beer at the cash bar was raised from $2.50 to $3 and a keg of beer went from $175 to $200. Beer/mix drinks with a rental agreement for receptions went from $2.50 to $2.75. Buntgen told the council that these changes were needed to compensate for the rising cost of alcohol and the last time prices were adjusted was about three years ago.

The hours of use for receptions and dances at the auditorium was also was lowered from midnight to 11 p.m. Buntgen said this change is to put the hours of operation in line with other similar facilities across the state.

“If you go around the state, most venues do close at 11 o’clock,” Buntgen said. “If you party all day, it’s time to get home. We’re not in business to get people drunk. If they want to after (an event), they can go to other places to finish their partying.”

Ward 2 Council Member Kevin Hotovy said he agreed with the necessity of the rates increases.

“You don’t want to lose money, but at the same time, you want to stay competitive,” Hotovy said. “It’s really just staying current with the times.”

The price increases come as the city works to wrap up renovations at the park. A brand new restroom building with built-in showers is currently under construction for use by campers at the campground, Hotovy said. Also, a new open-air shelter is being built to replace one that was destroyed several years ago by a wind storm.

The project is funded in part by a $90,000 grant from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Construction was put on hold through the winter and is expected to resume this spring. Hotovy said he hopes it will wrap up by June 1.

Eric Schucht is a reporter for The Banner Press. Reach him via email at eric.schuht@lee.net.