Bring back civil service protections -- Sally Drew

August 11, 2018

Thanks to the State Journal and reporter Mark Sommerhauser for investigating the hiring of election security staff at the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The Legislature and governor overhauled our civil service system in July 2016. A major justification for this change was that the previous system was too slow to hire new workers. Hiring authority and personnel staff were taken away from individual departments and consolidated into the Department of Administration.

The article explained that the Elections Commission gave the DOA the information needed to fill the (federally funded) positions in May. As of July 21, no posting had occurred.

Obviously the consolidation has not sped up the hiring process, even for the vitally important function of protecting our voter registration database from hackers.

As voters consider casting their ballots in August and November, they should investigate which candidates are most likely to work to bring back the civil service protections that were removed in 2016. A hiring process that is slower than the previous system and lacks protections against patronage hires does not serve the citizens of Wisconsin.

Sally Drew, president, Association of Career Employees

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