Study: Indiana college-bound rates decline, but those who go better prepared

April 3, 2019

College-bound rates continue to decline among Indiana high school graduates, but those who seek a degree generally don’t need remediation and enroll with credits earned in high school, according to a new report by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

“One of the challenges facing higher education and reflected in this report is the decline in enrollment over recent years. Declining birth rates will impact enrollment patterns in the future, too,” Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers said in a statement.

The 2019 College Readiness Report found 63 percent of graduates go directly to college, down from 64 percent last year and 65 percent two years ago.

The national average is 67 percent, the commission said.

Students are more likely to enroll in college if they earn a rigorous high school diploma. About half of Core 40 and 93 percent of Honors diploma earners pursued post-secondary education compared with 18 percent of students earning a General diploma, the report found.

Only 12 percent needed remediation in college, and 64 percent of students started college with credit earned in high school, the report said.

“While we understand that people are benefiting from a strong economy and job opportunities, we must continue to make a case for a quality degree or credential to ensure that Hoosiers are prepared for a dynamic economy,” Lubbers said. “Despite slightly lower college-going rates, we are encouraged that more Hoosiers are prepared for college success.”