3 in GOP seek New Haven seats

May 1, 2019

Voters in New Haven will choose among three Republican candidates for two at-large seats on the City Council in the May 7 primary.

Here are the candidates’ responses to formatted questions. 

J. Pat Anderson

Age: 67

Employment: Retired owner of Rack & Helen’s bar and restaurant, New Haven

Education: Graduate of New Haven High School

Political experience: None

Why running: “I’m going to be 68, and I’ve wanted to get involved and it’s now or never.”

Biggest issues facing council: “I think everybody is running on the same platform and it’s utility costs : water and sewer rates.” He said he is also running against the granting of so many tax abatements.

If elected, how would you address these issues? By “digging into whether the costs Fort Wayne is charging us for sewers can be substantiated” and if it’s time for New Haven to consider building its own sewage treatment plant. He would monitor abatements very closely and have published a tally of abated taxes as well as who voted for each abatement.

David ‘Dave’ Cheviron

Age: 65

Employment: Retired electrician for Norfolk Southern Railway

Education: New Haven High School graduate; associate’s degree from Ivy Tech; also attended Lincoln Tech in Nashville    

Political and community experience:Serving first term on the New Haven Council; 20 years on the New Haven Police Reserve; 25 years on the Canal Days festival committee

Why running: “I’ve enjoyed my time on council, and I’m learning a lot. I think I’ve helped keep things in New Haven in good shape : maintain what we’ve done and get a few things done for the better.”

Biggest issues facing council: “Obviously the water and sewer rate situation. That and the budget are my biggest concerns, as they always are.”

If elected, how would you address these issues? “We all work together (on council and in the administration) to make things work. ... We all as a group talk, and between us we all come up with a decision. I think I have good relationships with other people.”

Terry A. Werling

Age: 79

Employment: Sales associate in men’s department at Macy’s, Glenbrook Square, since 1992 

Education: Graduate of New Haven High School and International Business College with a bachelor’s of science and commerce degree in accounting

Political experience: In New Haven politics since the 1960s, including serving as mayor; has been on the New Haven Plan Commission, the Board of Works, city council and the Allen County Department of Health board

Why running: “I want to improve the quality of life in New Haven. There’s always room for improvement.”

Biggest issue facing council: “Right now, it’s our water and sewer rates. We try to keep them as low as possible, but it’s a constant thing you have to work with.”  

If elected, how would you address this issue? “By keeping an eye on costs and promote growth of the New Haven area, possibly through annexation of outlying land into the city.”