ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ In a scientific marathon, experts working for O.J. Simpson pored over boxfuls of evidence for a third day Monday, including the glove found near his ex-wife's body and the glove found on his estate.

They're not looking to get him off, they say, just looking for the facts.

``We just want to find out the scientific truths,'' said Henry Lee, a Connecticut state police criminologist.

``Some of our evidence may be very helpful for the prosecution,'' said Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist with the New York state police. ``Some of our evidence may be very helpful for the defense.''

Still, state police were videotaping the handling of the evidence at the request of prosecutors in Los Angeles.

Others on the defense panel are Dr. Barbara Wolf, director of anatomic pathology at Albany Medical College, and Chuck Morton, director of the Institute of Forensic Sciences in Oakland, Calif.

Testing began Saturday at Albany Medical Center and has continued for about 18 hours a day since then, Baden said.

The experts planned to keep on working Tuesday, though some of the items are due back when court resumes that day.

They might not get to everything in the ``boxes and boxes'' of evidence taken from one end of the country to the other for evaluation.

``Each piece of evidence takes a lot of time,'' Lee said.

The experts would not specify what tests they're doing or talk much about what evidence they're working on. Lee and Baden did acknowledge that the evidence included a glove, and Albany Medical Center spokesman Gregory McGarry said two gloves were among the items brought to the hospital.

Police found a bloody glove at Simpson's Los Angeles estate after the June 12 slaying of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. They found another at the crime scene.

Lee cited the scientists' ``ethical obligation'' to keep mum on their work.

``If my own wife asked me, I couldn't tell her,'' he said.