PARIS (AP) _ Gerard Grisey, a leading modern French composer, has died, his wife said Sunday. He was 52.

Grisey died of a stroke Wednesday in Paris, Mireille Guigui said.

Grisey was born in 1946 in Belfort, in eastern France, and studied music at the conservatory in Trossingen, Germany. He later attended the Paris Conservatory, where he began teaching in 1986, and the Superior Normal School of Music, a well-respected school where many learn to teach music. He also studied acoustics at the Faculty of Sciences in Paris.

He was awarded the Rome Prize in 1972 and spent the next two years studying in the Italian capital.

In 1980, he became one of the first composers to work at the Institute of Research and Coordination for Acoustics and Music. The Paris center, dedicated to promoting modern music in France, was the brainchild of composer Pierre Boulez and the late French President Georges Pompidou.

Grisey's best-known compositions include the 1977 work ``Modulations'' and ``Jour Contre Jour,'' completed in 1979. He completed ``Stele'' in 1995.

No information about other survivors or funeral plans was immediately available.