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President To Tour Space Center

April 10, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton will get an up-close look at Sen. John Glenn’s space training program next Tuesday.

Clinton is scheduled to tour the Johnson Space Center in Houston, which is preparing the 76-year-old senator for his return to space on a fall shuttle mission.

``The president is very interested in the training program that Senator Glenn is going through, ″ White House spokesman Mike McCurry told reporters Friday.

``I have no information on whether or not they’re going to actually put the president in a centrifuge or anything like that or whether they’ll drink some Tang together, or do whatever they’re going to do,″ McCurry said.

Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth 36 years ago. As part of his retraining, he took two nine-minute centrifuge spins at up to three times the force of gravity in February.

While at the space center, Clinton will be briefed on its neuro-research laboratory, tour Mission Control and make a speech to the 600 or so center employees. Tuesday evening, he is scheduled to lead a discussion on sports and race relations to be held at Houston’s Wortham Theater Center.

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