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A former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who claims Dennis Rod

June 27, 1995

ATLANTA (AP) _ A former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who claims Dennis Rodman gave her herpes described the NBA star today as a romantic suitor who phoned frequently during their relationship.

Lisa Beth Judd, 24, who is suing Rodman for unspecified damages, described her early relationship with Rodman for a federal court jury.

``He was sweet. He was a gentleman. He was a kind person,″ she said.

She says in her lawsuit that Rodman, 34, gave her herpes on Jan. 14, 1993, when he came to Atlanta as a member of the Detroit Pistons. He now plays for the San Antonio Spurs.

In today’s testimony, during the second day of the trial, she said she met Rodman in April 1991 at a basketball party. She said they saw each other frequently over the next few months, including a weekend trip he made to Atlanta in August.

He gave her a romantic card and wrote on a business card that he loved her dearly, she said.

Rodman went to Europe on business that fall, and despite frequent telephone conversations he never told her he had married the mother of his young daughter, Judd said. Instead, she told the 10-member jury, she heard about the marriage from a friend who had seen a newspaper report.

Rodman finally told her about it after the opening game of the season, she said.

Judd, who now works for a security company in Orange County, Calif., said she refused to see him or take his calls until after his marriage broke up a few months later.

She said she sometimes had unprotected sex with Rodman, but she did not have a sexually transmitted disease and he told her he was clean.

On Monday, Rodman’s lawyer told the jury there is no evidence that he has ever had a transmittable form of genital herpes.

``The evidence will show that this is between two consenting adults,″ attorney Richard Hines said. ``The bottom line is going to come down to individual responsibility for sexual activity in the 1990s.″

Judd’s lawyer, Mark Trigg, said during opening arguments that Rodman had told her the night he gave her herpes that he was ready to get serious about their relationship.

``That was exactly what Lisa had hoped he would say,″ Trigg said. ``Lisa loved Dennis Rodman. Lisa trusted Dennis Rodman.″

Trigg said Rodman had given herpes to two other women about two weeks earlier.

A Detroit woman, one of two whose testimony was shown to the jury on videotape, said she located another Detroit woman and alerted her to the dangers of having sex with Rodman.

Hines said that while a 1993 blood test showed Rodman had herpes, there was no evidence it was ever in an active, transmittable form.

Another Rodman lawyer, Taylor Daly, said Judd became pregnant three times between the ages of 17 and 20. ``She should have understood the risks of unprotected sexual activity,″ she said.

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