Time is now to receive flu shot

October 12, 2018

We’re now well into October.

While many of you already have received your flu shot, some have not.

What are you waiting for? After all, there is strength in numbers.

U.S. health officials say as more people get vaccinated against the likely strains, the chances of a deadly flu outbreak decline greatly, and after last year’s deadly flu season, the need for the shot is more evident than ever.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that last year was the deadliest flu season in more than four decades, with 80,000 deaths from flu and its complications.

About 90 percent of those fatalities involved people who were 65 and older. Children accounted for 180 of the deaths. Eighty percent of those children who died had not received a flu vaccination.

Medical experts have long touted the need for vaccinations, but they battle misinformation spread by individuals and online sources that refute the notion.

Here are couple of facts to back up the former opinion:

• Flu vaccines are not 100 percent effective. But if a recipient gets sick, the illness likely is to be less serious for those who got a shot.

• Officials say it takes two weeks for the vaccine to offer maximum protection. Thus, the CDC suggests vaccinations during October and before the flu season gets in full swing.

In other words, there is no time to wait. Arrange a shot today.

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