Advice on surviving the next viscous vortex

February 1, 2019

We’re through the historic cold. But winter isn’t over. So what is the best piece of advice you have for how to survive the next polar vortex event?

We asked our readers on social media for advice, and here is what they had to say.

“Turn your home humidifier OFF, not down, OFF. This cold was too much.” - Candi Williams

“Cover up your whole body if you go outside and try to stay inside as much as possible.” - Shanna Kate

“Fill your gas tanks.” - Kara Leigh

“Get some warm, easy to put on boots for your dog. I’m going to get some and start practicing with her.” - Judy Graham

“Buy a car with more ground clearance. My Trax is stuck in the driveway. Buy a generator and stock up on groceries. I did one of the three LOL.” - Shelly Franz

“Go out and START your car even if you’re not going anywhere. Otherwise you’ll be stranded for the days to come.” - Cat Kersten

“Always back the first car in the driveway so you can jump the one you pull in next.” - Verna Tortorello

“When the oil change guy says you have lost a third of your cold cranking power in your battery, buy a new battery!!!” - Jay Orbik

“Crocs are not all weather shoes.” - Dave Rogers

Many people had more drastic plans.

“Move to Florida!” - Donald Llewellyn

“Go to Maui!” - Mark Buettner

“Move!” - At least 30 people.

And although climate change makes this highly unlikely, the Sauk Valley’s Beth Winstead said what we’re all hoping.

“Next polar event? Dear Lord, I hope there is never another one… EVER!” - Beth Winstead

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