Thelma Rocky: Doing nothing to help Americans

October 2, 2018


Watching nearly every station on TV, the news contains so much about the political candidates advertising for election. It is amazing what they say about each other.

Who is a liar and what is the truth?

I get a lot of political mail. What concerns me is what is being said about our country. What states and what countries are considered sanctuary places for illegal immigrants? One letter I received said Arizona could be a sanctuary. This turns my thoughts to the conditions of the Butler and Birdland areas right here in Mohave County.

No matter how many complaints have been made about the decay, destruction and overwhelming unsafe and unsanitary conditions of the neighborhoods here, county officials do nothing to help the decent citizens. They are giving sanctuary to these undesirable people making the problems.

Keeping Arizona safe concerning the border wall is a main topic for candidates, and they should be considering conditions here in Mohave County.

Why are we forced to accept county officials’ decisions to protect these undesirable people? How many of them are illegal immigrants, or just illegal and unlawful people?

What the county is doing seems criminal to the decent American citizen.

Thelma Rocky


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