Third Avenue paving ready to get underway

August 2, 2018

Paving a 1-mile stretch of Third Avenue in Columbus is expected to get underway this week with the completion of grading operations on the heavily traveled road between the city limits and Lost Creek Parkway.

The concrete paving main contractor Gehring Construction & Ready Mix of Columbus, will pour in two to three sections, said Jane Cromwell, the Platte County Highway Department’s administrative assistant during a report to the county board of supervisors.

“There is a 10-day wait (between each pour) for curing,” she said.

The estimated $900,000 resurfacing of Third Avenue should be completed by early September, Cromwell said.

Cromwell said she hoped the road closing wouldn’t interfere with a local property owner’s plans for the 125-year anniversary celebration of ownership of a farm along the route.

“It’ll be close,” Cromwell said. “About 90 percent of this (timetable) depends on the weather.”

The paving project, comprised of a little more than three-quarters of a mile of grading and 9 inches of new concrete pavement, is on the county’s one-year road improvement plan.

In a couple of weeks, the highway department plans call for pulverizing the existing concrete on a portion of East 29th Avenue and overlaying it with asphalt beginning Aug. 13.

The roadway from U.S. Highway 30 to East Eighth Street is used by hundreds of semis daily heading to the Archer Daniels Midland plant on East Eighth Street.

This month’s resurfacing of East 29th Avenue is a stopgap improvement while the county awaits federal funding for a more extensive paving and viaduct construction project in a couple of years.

The roadway is traveled by an estimated 3,700 vehicles a day, with 55 percent of that figure heavy truck traffic on the way to ADM plant.

Cromwell said the slabs of concrete pavement that make up the roadway now are shifting in place. She said the paving will be done one lane at a time.

The county also has scheduled the replacement of three bridges with box culverts along a 3-mile stretch of the Lindsay Blacktop north of Highway 91.

If the weather holds, Cromwell said, work will begin the end of this week and be completed in about 14 days.

Resurfacing the roadway is planned for next year, she said.

Jim Osborn is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at jim.osborn@lee.net.

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