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Defense Consultant’s Daughter Reassigned on Capitol Hill With AM-Defense Probe Bjt

June 22, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Joan Galvin, the daughter of a defense consultant under investigation in the Pentagon fraud case, will no longer handle military issues for Rep. Andy Ireland, R-Fla., an aide to Ireland said Wednesday.

But Ms. Galvin, 28, remains on Ireland’s staff as a legislative assistant dealing with labor, tax and veterans matters, among other things, said Doug Hattaway, Ireland’s spokesman.

Hattaway said the congressman and Ms. Galvin agreed it would put her in an ″untenable position″ to continue dealing with military affairs since her father, William Galvin, ″is a principal in the investigation. ″

Moreover, Ms. Galvin would face a possible conflict of interest if the House Armed Services Committee, of which Ireland is a member, investigates the allegations of fraud at the Pentagon, Hattaway said.

Federal agents searched Galvin’s office as well as that of his stepson, Ken Brooke, in their investigation of allegations that consultants provided defense contractors with information obtained illegally from the Defense Department. No charges have been brought.

Galvin, who has links to several of the subjects of the wide-ranging investigation, has not returned several telephone calls placed to his office.

Joan Galvin joined Ireland’s staff in 1985, 18 months before the congressman was named to the Armed Services panel. He sits on a procurement subcommittee.

She was hired through a job-placement service on Capitol Hill where she formerly worked for Rep. Larry Hopkins, R-Ky., Hattaway said.

Ireland is one of five congressmen who have been reported as under scrutiny in the probe, though all have said they are not part of the inquiry.

The others are Reps. Bill Chappell, D-Fla., chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee; Thomas Downey, D-N.Y.; Samuel S. Stratton, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Armed Services procurement subcommittee; Roy Dyson, D-Md., a member of Stratton’s subcommittee, along with Ireland.

Henry Hudson, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia who is heading the investigation, told congressional leaders Wednesday that ″no subpoena has been sought for any member of Congress, no wiretap has been directed at any member of Congress and no search warrant has been directed at any member of Congress,″ according to House Speaker Jim Wright, D-Texas.

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