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Bright and Brief

November 4, 1988

NEW YORK (AP) _ A seven-man team of British bobbies Friday climbed 1,575 steps to defeat their American counterparts in a stair-climbing race at the Empire State Building, but neither team ever left the 86th floor.

″They promised the people in England that they would climb the stairs of the Empire State Building if they contributed (to a hospital fund-raising drive), and they did,″ said Robert Udowitz, a spokesman for the event.

Members of Britain’s West Bar Police Station in Sheffield competed against officers from Brooklyn’s 67th Precinct in a race that fulfilled a fund-raising obligation.

Well, sort of.

Instead of actually climbing the steps to the top of the 102-story landmark, the officers raced on a ″Stairmaster″ computerized stair-climbing machine that simulated the same number of steps.

The machine was on the 86th floor deck of the Empire State Building, so Udowitz figures that was nearly the top of the building.

The bobbies won the race in just under 30 minutes, completing all 131 flights of stairs while the Brooklynites finished 128.

During the contest, team members passed a baton shaped like the Empire State Building to their successor after approximately 225 steps.

The Sheffield force has raised more than $10,000 in England for the Rotherham District Hospital. The drive was started by an officer whose daughter was born with cerebral palsy and is being treated in Rotherham Hospital.


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - In the dog-eat-dog world, Algonquin J. Calhoun Esq. is right at home.

Algonquin, a Yorkshire terrier, has thrown his collar into the ring and is running for president, says his owner, lawyer Michael W. Brown.

The pooch even has his own spin doctor, Nebraska’s state poet and Nebraska Wesleyan University Professor William J. Kloefkorn, who describes himself as a disgruntled voter.

Algonquin has dogged enthusiasm for the job, Brown says, adding that he’s chock-full of political dogma as well.

Brown said the Yorkshire terrier originally was bred to hunt rats in coal mines in England and knows all about rat races.

″He should be especially effective in operating in the federal government,″ he said.


LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) - Police are putting motorists in a fowl mood by pulling them over even if they haven’t broken any traffic laws.

The Police Department is handing out 12- to 14-pound turkeys to safe and courteous motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to promote safety during the holiday season.

The officers aren’t actually carrying the birds. Rather, they are handing out 100 gift certificates that can be redeemed at supermarkets.

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