College Promise program highlighted at Nebraska Community College Association meeting

November 8, 2018

NORFOLK - With post-secondary education becoming more expensive, some kids can’t afford to go to college.

To combat the expensive price, the College Promise program was created to cover tuition, fees, and provide support to help students succeed.

At the Nebraska Community College Association’s annual meeting Monday Dean of Institutional Advancement at Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon Illinois Lori Cortez talked about the program.

Cortez said the model in her school is already gaining a lot of support early on.

“We haven’t asked anyone for a dime yet, but just knowing that we’re implementing the Promise Program we’ve received $50,000 in funds in a week. Our alum, faculty, and administration are excited about this and united in the effort.”

Cortez said there are more than 200 College Promise programs underway in cities and towns across 44 states having lots of success.

She said the program is removing barriers to higher education, helping students succeed, and lead to a better prepared workforce and a more equitable society.

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