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Donald Trump executive order appears to target Huawei

Tom Howell Jr. The Washington TimesMay 15, 2019

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday seeking to ban U.S. entities from buying tech equipment from certain firms in China or other potential foreign adversaries.

The order doesn’t single out specific companies but appears to be aimed at Huawei - a Chinese firm that members of both parties have long eyed with suspicion.

The U.S. fears the Chinese government will use its power and ties to snoop on American interests through the tech gear, a charge the company has denied.

Asked what took so long for it to act, a senior administration official said, “These things take time.”

Yet the move comes amid an escalating trade war between the U.S. and China.

Under the order, which relies on emergency powers, the Commerce Department secretary can block transactions involving technology that poses a risk of sabotage or “catastrophic” effects on American interests.

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