Mirilli is ready for School Board -- Oscar Mireles

February 16, 2019

This spring I will be supporting Ananda Mirilli’s run for Seat 5 on the Madison School Board. Mirilli is hardworking, honest and profoundly committed to doing what’s best for our students, teachers and schools.

I supported Mirilli’s initial foray into politics six years ago. I was excited to see a young Latina woman be passionate about education for all children, especially black and brown children struggling with the significant achievement gap.

Mirilli has had extensive experience in the educational arena, including time working at nonprofits such as Centro Hispano of Dane County and the YWCA, where she helped build the restorative justice program in Madison’s schools.

In addition, she recently has worked in the Madison schools focusing on parent engagement. This past year she worked for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, providing support and training for school districts across the state.

Anyone who runs for public office should be thanked for serving our community, especially if they don’t win.

Mirilli has learned many lessons since her last campaign. She has become a better listener, forged deeper connections in our community, and harbors a strong commitment to helping different factions come together to solve problems.

I encourage you to vote for Mirilli for School Board and support her platform of better schools, better students and better outcomes for all students.

Oscar Mireles, Madison, Latino Consortium for Action