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Texas Christian Linebacker Arrested

November 22, 1997

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ A Texas Christian football player was out on $5,000 bond after his arrest on suspicion of robbery with bodily injury.

Shannon Brazzell, a 20-year-old freshman reserve linebacker and special teams player, was suspended from the team after his arrest Friday morning. He is accused of helping two other men attack and rob Xavier Mullone, a 22-year-old TCU student, after TCU’s 21-18 upset over Southern Methodist on Thursday night.

Brazzell posted bond and was released from Tarrant County Jail Friday.

Fort Worth police arrested Brazzell around 1:50 a.m. after receiving a report of a robbery and assault.

Mullone told police three men attacked him and stole his car stereo before one of the men drove away in his car.

Mullone said the three men accused him of stealing cassette tapes from inside an apartment, police Lt. Mark Krey said. He denied it and allowed the men to search his car.

``When they did not find the tapes, they began to assault him, beating him and forcibly taking his car keys,″ Krey said. ``He then ran off and went to a store and contacted us.″

Mullone identified Brazzell as one of the men who attacked him, Krey said.

Brazzell told police he and his friends found the cassettes in Mullone’s car and left him alone.

Two other TCU players were questioned but were not arrested because Mullone was unable to identify either as one of his attackers, police said.

Brazzell’s arrest was the latest in a series of accusations against TCU players.

Four players were charged with felony assault for the May 11, 1996, beating of a TCU student outside a Fort Worth bar.

In October 1996, three players were suspended indefinitely after a scuffling incident on the SMU campus in Dallas.

And in September, a player was suspended after reportedly testing positive for steroids during a random NCAA drug screening.