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Attorney: Capriati Paid For Drugs With Credit Cards

May 19, 1994

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) _ The attorney for one of the people arrested with Jennifer Capriati says he was told the former tennis star was ″whacked out on heroin″ when police picked her up for marijuana possession.

Capriati, 18, paid for the drugs with cash advances from her credit cards, and the two others went out to buy them because she was too high to go along, said Edward Abramson, attorney for Tom Wineland.

Wineland, 20, was quoted Wednesday in several London tabloids saying he and Capriati used a variety of drugs together.

″We smoked the crack together in the bathroom,″ Wineland was quoted as saying. ″She was also eating painkillers and drinking. That makes you go pretty high.″

He said they smoked crack cocaine ″for a couple of hours,″ then started smoking marijuana.

Abramson said his client was not paid for the interview.

Coral Gables police said they had no evidence that Capriati used heroin or cocaine. They did not perform a blood test.

Wineland met Capriati only a few days before they were arrested in Coral Gables on Monday, Abramson said. Capriati checked into the Gables Inn on Saturday, the motel manager said.

″Capriati rented the room, used her credit card to pay for the intoxicants. There was a party,″ Abramson told The Associated Press. ″She was whacked out on heroin.″

Abramson refused to say whether Wineland was the source of his information about Capriati’s alleged heroin use.

″I don’t want to prejudice the court ... you pretty well know my source. And you pretty well know what’s going on,″ Abramson said.

He said his client was anxious to get out of jail. Wineland has not been able to come up with $6,000 bail and is being held pending a court appearance June 6.

John Ross, Capriati’s attorney, said he had no immediate comment. ″We’re not fully aware of the accusations at this point, so we can’t comment on the specifics,″ Linda Dozoretz, publicist for Capriati’s agent at the International Management Group, said of Abramson’s allegations.

Wineland was charged Monday with possession of suspected crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Timineet Branagan, a 17-year-old runaway, was charged with possession of two packets of heroin and released to her family’s custody.

The two were arrested after they drove up to the motel in Capriati’s car during a police search of her room.

Police had gone to the motel on a tip from Branagan’s mother that her daughter was at Capriati’s room. Capriati allowed detectives to search the room, and they found a little less than an ounce of marijuana in her knapsack, said Coral Gables Sgt. Mitch Fry.

Capriati was arrested on a misdemeanor drug possession charge and was released in the custody of her attorney. She is staying in Boca Raton, where she has lived since moving out of her parents’ home near Tampa in March.

Wineland is on probabtion for a drug conviction in Connecticut last year. He had received a five-year suspended sentence for attempting to sell marijuana.

Prince, the racquet manufacturer, has canceled its endorsement contract with Capriati, The New York Times reported Thursday, quoting Barbara Perry, an agent with IMG. She said they were having discussions with the Italian sportswear line Diadora, which also has an endorsement contract with Capriati.

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