Madison County Commissioners start reviewing 2018-2019 fiscal year budget

August 9, 2018

MADISON - With Madison County’s statutory deadline to file its budget to the Auditor of Public Accounts coming up on September 20th the Board of Commissioners started reviewing the 2018-19 budget.

Since Commissioner Christian Ohl wasn’t at the meeting Tuesday the board just asked different questions about the budget and where the money is going.

The board reviewed the comparison of fund balances, general fund office functions, miscellaneous general funding requests, as well as others.

Another item the board reviewed was the general fund capital acquisitions budget for the courthouse and the improvements they want to make to the building.

Commissioner Ron Schmidt says one of the improvements they want to make for the courthouse is to replace the sidewalk leading up to the north entrance.

“As you walk in you notice it’s kind of a sharp turn especially for some handicap people. That’s not the easiest turn to make so we might lengthen it out and take and push the sidewalk to the east to make it more of a gradual turn into the courthouse. For us it’s not a big deal, but for somebody handicapped I think it would be a wise thing to take and do.”

The board says they should have the budget ready to go by the next meeting on the 21st and potentially set a special meeting date for the 28th to determine the final levy authority allocated to subdivisions.

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