More must be done to manage water -- Raj Shukla

September 7, 2018

The State Journal article “ Candidate offers proposals ” on Friday did not include comments from our campaign on recent flooding and what we can do about it. We would like to add to the discussion.

Madison’s recent storms are not surprising, given what we know about climate change. We can expect more of them, and lowering lake levels to seasonal minimums authorized by the state may not be enough to hold flood waters back. We need to adjust lake levels in a manner responsive to the needs of residents and the health of ecological systems.

We can improve our city’s green infrastructure using bioswales, rain gardens and permeable pavement. But even these steps fall short of what prudence and morality require. As chair of the Sustainable Madison Committee, I led the push to adopt 100 percent clean energy goals for the city. We must reach this ambitious target quickly.

How? Existing financing mechanisms, such as tax incremental financing, could help expand green stormwater infrastructure and meet our clean energy needs.

TIF is a powerful development tool for the city. Subsidies should be contingent on advancing green stormwater and clean energy objectives. What we’ve been doing just won’t do anymore.

Raj Shukla, Madison, candidate for mayor

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