Mike Bretzing: Walls are proven to work

January 12, 2019


In response Joe Thomas’ letter about Democrats and the border wall , I am constantly amazed by the mentality of some Democrats. Well, for you who don’t think walls work, close your bedroom door. Now, try to get in without opening the door. You can’t do it. It is the same thing at the border, and yes you can build a wall anywhere. For a history lesson, look at the great wall of China. No one is getting into that country and look at all those mountain’s and rivers. The Democrats love blaming Trump for everything and we will have two more years of this without the Dems getting anything done to help America.

So Joe Thomas says he loves walls but they don’t keep the burglars out, but how many people have tried to break into your house, Joe? If the police are at the other end of town and the alarm goes off, the bad guys are gone by the time officers arrive. So much for your alarm. It’s the same at the border. Drones and sensors are good if you have someone in the are, but you would need an agent every 10 feet with a backup agent for the entire length of the border, and then support agents with trucks.

You keep harping about how Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall, but he never said how. The trade agreement will bring in billions to the US from Mexico. We pay billions a year supporting people who are in our country illegally. So let’s stop all the bull. Walls work; they wont stop everyone but will stop 95 percent and make it more difficult.

Build the wall, deport all illegals, and you’ll save billions of dollars for the country. God bless our President Trump. You America hasn’t a better one since Reagan.

Mike Bretzing

Lake Havasu City

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