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DA’s Office Sends Friendly Reminder to Parents on Child-Support

December 13, 1985

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) _ The district attorney’s office is sending greeting cards to parents who have fallen behind on child-support payments, hoping the pull at their heartstrings will make legal action unnecessary.

″Season’s Greetings,″ begins the card that will go out to 1,600 parents. ″As the Christmas season comes near, I am sure that you are thinking of your children, of the gifts you will give, and the joy that will be in their eyes.

″Please plan on giving them the best gift of all - your regular child support payments. You can agree to an automatic payroll deduction that is forwarded to your children in a regular and timely manner each month.″

The card does not mention that if parents do not pay up, the next message could be one telling them their wages could be garnisheed.

Officials are pinning their hopes on the card, however.

″It’s a tearjerker,″ said Ellen Alvine of the district attorney’s Child Support Division. ″This is the season of they year, I think, when we’re appealing to the moral side of it.″

Mrs. Alvine said she got the idea from a representative of the Texas attorney general’s office last year at a conference on child support enforcement.

If it works at Christmas, she said, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day could be next.

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