Trump’s reminder: It’s Constitution Day

September 17, 2018

Everyone argues about the U.S. Constitution. Not so many sit down and read it, or honor its existence. Monday is Constitution Day, a fact not lost on President Trump.

“We recognize the Constitution’s role in securing for our country the blessings of liberty; we salute the service members, statesmen, and citizens who have defended it; and we commit ourselves to the active citizenship that self-government requires,” Mr. Trump says in his official proclamation for Constitution Day.

“In my Inaugural Address, I promised to return power to the American people. As President, I have instructed my Cabinet and all agency officials to regulate only when, and how, authorized by duly enacted statute. I have also instructed agencies to eliminate regulations that are ineffective, that fail to address real-world problems, that are needlessly burdensome, and that prevent Americans from designing their own innovative solutions. I call on federal agencies to make room for states and local communities, for religious and civic organizations, and for individual Americans to address problems with the ingenuity and determination that make our country great,” Mr. Trump later added.

He also advised citizens that it’s actually Constitution Week.

“On this day and during this week, we celebrate the citizens and the Constitution that have made America the greatest nation this world has ever known. In doing so, we recommit ourselves to the enduring principles of the Constitution and thereby ‘secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity’.”

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