Stormwater Most Unjust Fee Ever Imposed On Us

January 21, 2019

Editor: Up until a month ago, I never knew what the word “impervious” meant. After all the media reporting on Wyoming Valley property owners complaining about their new stormwater bill, I believe everyone now knows the word “impervious.” All property owners are being penalized for rain water, which we have no control of whatsoever. I believe this is the most unjust fee that was ever imposed on us. While our government can give millions and millions of dollars every year to foreign countries and spend millions on foreigners who are illegally crossing our border, why can’t our federal government take some of the burden (such as stormwater runoff) off its citizens? Also I would like to know where do our state and local representatives and senators stand on this highly contested fee? How could our area’s rain runoff affect the Chesapeake Bay area which is hundreds of miles away? Wouldn’t the sediment etc., eventually settle to the bottom of the river after flowing so many hundreds of miles and eventually flowing into the Atlantic Ocean? I really cannot be convinced that each and every Wyoming Valley property owner should pay such a hefty fee in order to clean the “polluted” water in the Chesapeake Bay. There has to be another solution. According to a University of Maryland report, the health of the Chesapeake Bay improved in 2015, marking three years of gains over the past four years. My question is, what has happened since then? Bernadine Elick WILKES-BARRE TWP.

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