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German anti-euro party confident in European vote

January 14, 2014

BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s new anti-euro party says it is confident of winning European Parliament seats in May and will seek like-minded allies in other countries if successful — but will shun Euroskeptic parties from France and the Netherlands.

The Alternative for Germany party narrowly missed the 5 percent support needed to win seats in Germany’s parliament in September. Party leader Bernd Lucke said Tuesday a lower 3 percent hurdle in the European election won’t be a “headache.”

Euroskeptic parties are expected to do well in many countries. Lucke says potentially “like-minded” groups opposing European centralization include Britain’s governing Conservatives and parties from the continent’s east — but his party won’t work with any “anti-foreigner” party.

Prominent new member Hans-Olaf Henkel says France’s National Front and the Netherlands’ Freedom Party aren’t potential allies.

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