YANGON, Myanmar (AP) _ An arson fire damaged the ceiling of a staircase leading to Myanmar's most revered shrine, the recently refurbished Shwedagon Pagoda, official newspapers reported Monday.

The blaze was extinguished 15 minutes after it was spotted by security personnel Saturday and damage was described as slight, the papers reported. Photographs showed burned portions of the ceiling.

The newspapers, controlled by the military government, named no suspects but said arson was suspected. The military has ruled Myanmar, also known as Burma, since 1962.

Investigators found a broken lock on a door, the papers said. Two cigarette butts, a box of matches, four toy pistol caps and a burned bamboo mat were found near the burnt area.

The fire broke out on the final day of a weeklong festival celebrating renovations to the gilded temple, which sits on a small hill in central Yangon.

Tens of thousands of people attended the hoisting of a new gem-encrusted umbrella atop the pagoda last week. Parts of the pagoda are still being renovated.