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Fundamentalist Charged With Instigating People Against Government

July 16, 1985

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ Sheik Hafez Salama, leader of a movement to bring Islamic law to Egypt, has been charged with instigating the people against the government, the state security prosecutor said today.

Ragaa el-Araby told The Associated Press the prosecution’s investigation of Salama, who has been in custody three days, was expected to take a week.

″We are going to file lots of charges against Sheik Salama, but the main one is issuing inflamatory statements that instigate against the authorities,″ el-Araby said.

He said Salama also would be charged with distribution of anti-government pamphlets and said the elderly cleric will remain in custody until the investigations are completed.

Salama’s lawyer, Abdel-Halim Ramadan, said the sheik has denied knowledge of pamphlets that security authorities said were confiscated from his office. Ramadan claimed they were planted.

In addition to Salama, El-Araby said a number of ″Moslem extremists″ detained in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and the southern governorate of Fayoum during the weekend remained in custody.

He said they face charges of resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, attempting to stop people from using an Alexandria mosque to pray and other minor charges that he refused to specify.

The government’s Middle East News Agency reported today that authorities had cracked down on Moslem fundamentalists, detaining at least 46 people including 13 of Salama’s followers.

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