BMS welcomes new students

August 8, 2018

Sixth-graders practice opening their lockers Tuesday evening during Beatrice Middle School Orientation.

Incoming sixth-graders and their parents met at Beatrice Middle School on Tuesday evening for orientation. This was the first year for a newly designed format.

“In previous years we sat silently and went through a power point presentation,” said Pam Henning, assistant principal at Beatrice Middle School. “Our focus was on rules and requirements, but with this format we can focus on relationships in the school and with the parents.”

“I think it’s good for parents to go through the schedule with their student,” said BMS principal John Jarosh. “They get a sense of what their day is like. They get to meet each teacher and other parents. This new format alleviates some anxiety for the student and the parent.”

Jodi Fakler, who teaches language arts at the middle school believes the experience was valuable for students and parents alike.

“It’s good for the students and the parents to get this information before school starts,” Fakler said. “It’s good to take some of the mystery out of a new experience. They probably won’t remember everything they heard, but maybe they’ll take away what is important to them.”

School guidance counselors Amy Randel and Angie Vogel designed the new format.

“The previous format was really dry and didn’t give our parents a good picture of what our school building looks like and what it’s like to go from class to class,” Vogel said. “We wanted parents to understand their student’s schedule and to meet their teachers. We really want our parents to have a relationship with our teachers and vice versa.

“We are always excited to have new sixth graders,” Vogel added. “They are always fun to have in the building and we want them to have a good experience with every new thing.”

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