Bedtime Stories

December 20, 2018

The Calm app, which, as its name suggests, helps users try to drift off in various ways, has tapped a British writer to pen relaxing stories designed to put you down like Mom or Dad used to.

Phoebe Smith has been called the “JK Rowling of slow literature,” and she’s the first “Sleep Storyteller-In-Residence” for the company.

Her own troubles sleeping led her to camp out all over the world, catching some shuteye in glaciers and treetops.

An adventure writer, Smith’s recounting of her travels all over the globe make for some vivid, relaxing stories, such as her most popular, “Blue Gold,” which takes listeners through a meandering stroll through the lavender fields of the sleepy villages of Provence in France. That sleep-inducing tale is narrated by British acting legend Stephen Fry.

More than 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping, meaning there’s a huge market -- $30 billion, in fact -- spent on gadgets, blankets and just about anything that promises to get us more sleep. The Calm app alone has some 26 million downloads.

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