CHUNKY, Miss. (AP) — The National Weather Service confirms that a tornado touched down in eastern Mississippi, although no one was injured.

Some damage was also reported in Sumter County, Alabama, although forecasters haven't yet determined if it was caused by a tornado.

A survey shows a twister with top winds of 110 mph (175 kph) struck north Chunky in Lauderdale County at 4:15 a.m. Wednesday. The tornado, rated EF-1 on the enhanced Fujita scale, traveled for 8 miles (12.9 kilometers) before lifting off about 10 minutes later. The path was as wide as 240 yards (220 meters).

The tornado mostly snapped trees, but also caused minor structural damage. Lauderdale County Emergency Management Deputy Director Scott Spears tells WTOK-TV that six homes were damaged.

Thunderstorms brought heavy rain and flash flooding to some areas.


Information from: WTOK-TV,