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On the Light Side

April 2, 1986

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) _ A college senior who was billed for $198,000 in back taxes is still waiting for the $198 refund she expected, but at least she’s cleared up an error that had her earning $3.7 million last year.

Lisa DeVries, who works as a part-time switchboard operator at Hope College in Holland, said she mailed her tax form about eight weeks ago and was shocked when the bill arrived from the state Treasury Department.

″Something is really messed up,″ she said, alerting tax officials.

″We’re embarrassed,″ said treasury spokesman Robert Kolt in Lansing, who learned of the error Monday and could only speculate that it was due to a computer or clerical error.


BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) - The engineering freshman glared at her schoolmates and laid out a hard rule, ″Anybody who uses more than four staples gets busted 3/8″

With that from referee Carol Hoole, one of the opening events of Engineers’ Week at the University of California at Berkeley - a paper airplane flying contest - was under way.

″I’m gonna win this one,″ said 25-year-old Scott Bassett of Saratoga, a civil engineering senior. ″I won last year’s contest.″

Pointing to the rather ordinary delta-wing fold-up he was working on, Bassett whispered out of the side of his mouth Tuesday: ″This isn’t the one I’m going to use.″

Then reached under his sweatshirt and brought forth a slab of paper, folded square. Back went his arm, the device soared 30 yards, and he had another paper-flying victory.

″This is my last race,″ he said. ″I’m graduating.″

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