Catholics, There Is Light

October 4, 2018

Editor: I was once a devout Catholic. My wife, who became Catholic, raised our children in Catholic tradition. We were involved in Catholic Church activities and the school’s father’s and mother’s clubs to boost monies for the upkeep of the school and the teachers’ wages. This all came to a halt. No matter what monies we raised, it wasn’t good enough for the diocese. The diocese closed the schools and churches and consolidated. The writing was on the wall as to where the monies were going (lawsuits). Our church had a forum with Bishop Timlin as to why there aren’t more men becoming priests. I spoke up and asked why can’t priests marry, or why can’t women become priests. His reply was, we can’t do that, period. I and my wife broke away and found salvation by the guide of the Holy Spirit. It took awhile, but we found faith in Valley View Chapel on Larksville mountain. No talk of monies, but pure religion. Hymns, prayer, Bible study and families that love one another. So, Catholics, there is light. Follow your heart and soul and you will find your way. Just can anyone answer me this question? The churches and rectories, convents and schools were mostly built by immigrants that came to find a better life in America. Where does the diocese claim ownership on these buildings? Everything was paid for by contributions by the parishioners. (Heat, light repairs, etc.) I can’t change the past, but I did find my light. Tom Stambaugh Sr. PLYMOUTH

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