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Father, Alleged Target of Plot, Pays Daughter’s Bail

June 11, 1987

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) _ The father of an 18-year-old charged in an alleged plot to murder him and his wife paid $2,000 to have his daughter released from jail pending her trial.

″It’s their money and if they want to get themselves killed, that’s their business,″ Pulaski County Circuit Judge Floyd Lofton said in approving the release Wednesday of Amanda Kay Wilhite.

Lofton had told the parents’ attorney he hoped that they wouldn’t post the bond.

Miss Wilhite is charged with two counts of criminal solicitation to commit capital murder of her parents, Charles F. and Maxine Wilhite.

Deputy Prosecutor Lee Douglass said Miss Wilhite’s parents asked him recently to drop the charges, saying their daughter had problems and had been enticed by a co-worker. Douglass said the charges were legitimate and declined to drop them.

The teen-ager was charged, police said, after she tried to enlist a former co-worker and an undercover police officer to kill her parents April 4 while she attended church. She pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of mental disease or defect on April 15.

The undercover officer said Miss Wilhite offered to pay $20,000 from the proceeds of her parents’ life insurance.

Dr. Roy Ragsdill, director of forensic psychiatry at the State Hospital, said in a June 2 letter to Lofton that Miss Wilhite ″didn’t lack the capacity to appreciate the criminality of her conduct″ or conform her conduct to the law at the time of the alleged incident. Ragsdill’s letter did say she had anti-social personality traits.

Lofton set a jury trial for July 29 and required Miss Wilhite to pay 10 per cent of a $20,000 bond before she could be released. She was released after her father paid the circuit clerk.

″Her parents want her to come home,″ Miss Wilhite’s attorney, Robert Roddey, told Lofton in arguing for her release. ″They understand they face a long record of probable counseling.″

″They may not live that long,″ Lofton responded.

″I think they’re making a mistake,″ he added.

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