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May 17, 2018

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OF MUTUAL INTEREST-REACTING TO RATES — Most experts agree that inflation is going to speed up eventually as the U.S. economy expands. While it’s not clear exactly when greater inflation will arrive, Steve Wood, chief market strategist for Russell Investments, says it’s not too soon to prepare. By Marley Jay. SENT: Thursday, 740 words, photos.

NERDWALLET-CONNECTED DEVICES — Mobile wallets can make paying by credit or debit card seamless: Tap your phone at checkout and you’re on your way. But mobile wallets are just the beginning. Payment networks and manufacturers are building payment functions into more devices — expanding your options as well as freeing up your hands. By NerdWallet columnist Melissa Lambarena. SENT: Thursday, 800 words, photos.

SMALLBIZ-SMALLTALK-IF I COULD DO IT OVER — Small business owners often have things they wish they could do differently when they started their companies. Some say they were too cautious and should have hired help sooner. Others said they were working too hard, or fixated on things that weren’t that important. Some owners say they picked the wrong name. And some found they didn’t charge enough — and ended up not making enough money. By Joyce Rosenberg. SENT: Wednesday, 1,000 words, photos.

ON THE MONEY-BRA SHOPPING ONLINE — Shopping for bras, particularly online, can be an exercise in frustration. Changing fashions and better fit tools on sellers’ websites are making it a bit easier. The recent popularity of bralettes and sports bras with less complicated sizing has made people feel more confident that what they buy online will fit when it gets to them. And some online startups use shopper surveys and other feedback to help find the right fit. By Anne D’Innocenzio. SENT: Wednesday, 640 words, photos.

BILL GATES-STATE SCHOOL PLANS — Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates saw an opportunity with a new federal education law that has widespread repercussions for American classrooms. By Sally Ho. SENT: Wednesday, 1,250 words, photos.

PET LEASING — How much is that maltipoo in the window? It could end up costing twice what it says on the price tag if the buyer is enticed into signing a pet leasing contract. By Mary Esch. SENT: Wednesday, 760 words, photos.

BEHIND THE WHEEL-SEMI-AUTONOMOUS DRIVING — Self-driving cars aren’t here yet, but Edmunds takes a look at some 2018 cars that have sophisticated semi-autonomous systems. By Jason Kavanagh. SENT: Wednesday, 840 words, photos.

TRADE-US-CHINA CONFLICT — American companies — exporters as well as importers —argue their case that the Trump administration should refrain from imposing tariffs on China and thereby risk igniting a full-blown trade war that could threaten the U.S. economy. From a Texas auto supplier to Best Buy, many companies warn that the tariffs would raise their costs and put them at a competitive disadvantage. Three days of hearings on the tariffs began Tuesday as a Chinese envoy traveled to Washington for talks aimed at defusing trade tensions between the world’s two biggest economies. By Paul Wiseman. SENT: 900 words, photos.

SMALL BUSINESS-INTEREST RATES — It’s a good news-bad news situation for small businesses when interest rates rise. The Federal Reserve has been gradually raising interest rates because the economy is doing well and a strong economy is great for most businesses. But higher rates will likely increase what it costs for businesses to borrow. A look at what an owner of a small business should do. By Sarah Sell. SENT: Tuesday, 710 words, photo.

NERDWALLET-LIZ WESTON-RETIRING ABROAD READINESS — Retiring abroad can allow people to live more cheaply, but you’re likely to be unhappy if that’s the only reason you relocate. People who do well abroad need a sense of adventure and a sense of purpose. Having a spouse who’s fully on board helps, too. By NerdWallet columnist Liz Weston. SENT: Monday, 750 words, photos.

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