Dave Petyon: Will Earth eventually view humans as pathogens?

November 28, 2018

E. coli 0157:H7 is a bacterium that can produce bloody diarrhea due to toxins and worse, especially Shiga (Vero) toxins secreted when the bacterium infects the human intestines.

It is found in healthy wild animals as well as healthy cattle. And when their feces show up in farm water and that farm water is sprayed on salad greens or otherwise allowed to be used to water salad greens, and people ingest those greens, it spells anything from a several day illness to hospitalization to kidney shutdown and even death.

Here. Have a bunch of romaine lettuce, courtesy of President Trump.

It was our illustrious president who signed a piece of paper denying any part of the federal government, including the EPA, the right to test farm water for pathogens that can kill salad eaters.

Eugene Gu is a former resident physician who is politically active on social media. He wrote on Facebook that Trump’s order saved farmers $12 million but has cost the public almost $200 million in healthcare costs.

So what can we do about it? We must assume the president is not going to allow the EPA or anyone else in the federal government to test farm water for pathogens or anything else. He and his followers (bless their hearts) want to believe that the elimination of all federal rules involving safety or anything else is good for America.

Here is a perfect example of why regulations are needed to protect people.

One of the ways we might circumvent the president and his removal of safety regulations is to encourage locals to grow salad greens and put their names on the greens they sell.

The Wild Ramp in Huntington reported on Facebook this past week prior to Thanksgiving that it had home-grown romaine lettuce grown in a local greenhouse. No worries about pathogens from an unknown source. The grower of the romaine proudly told the world he grew it.

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I feel sad for today’s children. While I won’t live to see the possible destruction of Earth as I have come to know it, there’s a good chance that Earth will succumb to climate change.

Scientists now say that we are rapidly approaching a time when droughts will become commonplace and with them the destruction of millions of acres by fires like the ones that destroyed vast acreage, thousands of homes and caused unknown deaths in California.

Add to that record floods and heat waves.

Call me crazy if you like (you won’t be the first), but I perceive the Earth as a living being. Just as our bodies attack invading critters bent on our destruction, Earth will attack us humans as invading pathogens to protect itself.

And just like any battle between a being and invaders, the outcome will not be known until one side or the other wins. Sometimes the being wins and sometimes the pathogens win.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that climate change will change the Earth forever, just as a patient who survives cancer is changed physically and mentally forever.

I predict if Earth wins, the pathogens (human beings) must and will disappear.

No more living in harmony. No more pathogens.

No more human beings.

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