Wood Shop moves from garage to community success

February 4, 2019

Chris Hernandez and Tim Fellers decided in 2016 they weren’t going to wait until retirement to turn their passion into a profession.

The duo formed the Wood Shop in a one-outlet, two-stall garage at Hernandez’s house.

Hernandez, 37, jokingly said many great businesses started in a garage, but the Wood Shop quickly outgrew its 200-square-foot space.

“It was to the point where we had so many projects that every morning, we would move all the projects out into the driveway, get to work and then at night move all the projects back into the garage,” Hernandez said. “That happened every single day.”

About two years after forming the business, the Wood Shop moved to a 2,400 square foot shop that includes multiple table saws, variety of work tables, a band saw and paint booth.

The Wood Shop believes one day the business could transition to a different space where it could be a storefront and shop combination. The Wood Shop conducts a majority of its business through Facebook.

“It could come to the point where we have a shop and a storefront in the front,” Hernandez said. “The problem was having the store there and we couldn’t be at the shop to build because we were at the store selling everything we already built. We had the shop and the store. It could possibly work.

“At the time period, we had so much to build that we didn’t need to be at the store.”

Fellers, 32, agreed the Wood Shop has the ability to go further.

“We plan on going bigger,” he said. “We got some other plans.”

One idea Hernandez and Fellers came up with and didn’t let anyone outside the Wood Shop’s inner circle know was a gesture to honor the three Ector County Sheriff’s Office deputies that were shot in the line of the duty on Jan. 14 in north Odessa.

Fellers crafted three wooden Thin Blue Line flags for Josh Pool, 28, Cody Smith, 26, and Ricky Rodriguez, 28. All three were all reportedly shot by gunman Damon Murad Asad, 33, who was shot and killed after opening fire on deputies who were there to serve a narcotics search warrant at 7321 Kentucky Ave.

“Police have an impossible job,” Fellers said. “There’s no telling what they are going to walk up on. There are people shoving cameras in their face. I know you have to know your rights, but there’s no reason to hassle someone for doing their job.”

The Wood Shop donated the three wooden flags and left without self promoting or handing out advertising materials.

Hernandez said the Wood Shop will hold three to four auctions on Facebook throughout the week. In addition, people can submit order requests on Facebook.

“It’s to the point now where we don’t have to take projects, we choose the projects we take,” Hernandez said. “At the beginning, we had to do every single thing because the orders were so slim. It leaves us room to do the flags for the officers or to do things for the community and expand a lot more.”

Though Hernandez and Fellers spend about 60 hours at the shop together, they need a little extra help which comes from their lone employee, 47-year-old John Newsom.

Newsom said for the last 35 years he has worked construction. He enjoys working at the Wood Shop for the opportunity to build a variety of items.

“You don’t get bored,” he said. “I enjoy it. When you like what you do, that helps.”

The Wood Shop can custom build anything.

Hernandez said some of the more common items are tables, bars, decks and pergolas. He enjoys delivering the items and seeing the customer’s reaction.

“My favorite part is when they post a picture on our Facebook page when it’s already ready and they have flowers on the table and people are sitting at the table,” Hernandez said. “Taking a picture here is way different that it being taken at home. It’s a whole different feel. Here it looks like a table. There it looks like it belongs to someone.”

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