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April 25, 1987

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) _ President Chun Doo-hwan said today all Koreans are trying to make the Seoul Olympics ″one of the most successful in history.″

That presidential message was delivered at the official opening ceremony of the 50th congress of the International Sports Press Association in the city that is to stage the Summer Olympics in 1988.

″We are doing our best to perfect the preparations for the games in all respects, including the physical facilities, operation and management, and security and safety,″ Chun said.

″I am confident ... The Seoul Olympics will see the spirit of the Olympic movement fully blossom with the participation of all members of the Olympic family. I thus anticipate the Seoul games to become a genuine festival of global amity and peace, transcending differences in ideology and socio- political systems.″

The South Korean president’s statement was read at the ceremony by Minister of Culture and Information, Lee Woong-hee.


ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - Football literally enters the computer age tonight when a ball implanted with a computer chip, which electronically tracks the progress of the ball to ensure accurate spotting, is tested in the University of Georgia’s annual ″G-Day″ intrasquad game.

″It’s really something,″ Georgia Coach Vince Dooley said. ″The chips in the ball will be able to exactly measure the forward progress of the ball. It’s the first tracking system in the history of football.″

The computer ball was developed over 20 years of spare-time tinkering by Ralph Oxios, a Providence, R.I., iron worker. Oxios said Georgia was one of the few collegiate programs interested in the project, which he predicted will be the wave of the future in football.

The process involves a computer chip in the ball, antennas, satellite dishes and computer equipment. The device can track the ball to within one- quarter of an inch on the field, Oxios said.

The placement of the ball after a down is of critical importance in football, a point that was well taken by Oxios during his younger days as a nose guard.

Watching the officials mark the line of scrimmage, Oxios said, ″I thought more times than not, the ball was not positioned correctly.″

After tonight’s test at Sanford Stadium, Oxios hopes to get the attention of college football administrators, the NFL and the television networks. He already has reached a deal with Rawlings to produce the computer footballs.


DETROIT (AP) - The Detroit Tigers met with two minority groups to discuss the possibility of increasing the number of minorities employed in the club’s field and top administrative positions.

Tigers President Jim Campbell met Friday with the Detroit branch of the NAACP Special Committee on Blacks in Professional Sports and Operation PUSH. Campbell pledged team support for the groups’ concerns, according to a Tigers spokesman.

Arthur Johnson, president of the Detroit chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said he was satisfied with the meeting.

″This was a first significant step,″ he said. ″We received a very cordial reception and recognize a sense of concern on the part of the Tigers.″

The NAACP committee is chaired by former Detroit Pistons basketball star Dave Bing and includes former Tigers player Billy Bruton.

Operation PUSH was represented by the Rev. Willie T. Barrow, its national executive director, and the Rev. Jim Holley of Detroit.

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