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Defendants in Suits Against Keating Listed With BC-S&L Victims and BC-S&L Victims-Transcript

October 15, 1989

Undated (AP) _ Here is a listing of defendants in a lawsuit filed by government regulators in the Lincoln Savings case. The suit filed last month in Phoenix, claims more than $1.1 billion was siphoned from Lincoln by American Continental Corp. officials through racketeering, insider dealing, illegal loans, and sham real-estate and tax transactions.

Charles H. Keating Jr., chairman of American Continental Corp., the parent company of Lincoln Savings.

Mary Elaine Keating, Keating’s wife.

Charles H. Keating III, executive vice president, a director, and Keating’s son.

Krista K. Keating, Keating III’s wife.

Robert M. Wurzelbacher Jr., a senior vice president, director and Keating’s son-in-law.

Elizabeth Wurzelbacher, Keating’s daughter.

Robert J. Hubbard Jr., a senior vice president, director and Keating’s son- in-law.

Kathleen M. Hubbard, Keating’s daughter.

Gary W. Hall, a director and Keating’s son-in-law.

Mary A. Hall, Keating’s daughter.

William J. Keating, a director and Keating’s brother. He is chief executive officer of the Detroit Newspaper Agency, chairman of the board of The Associated Press.

Judy J. Wischer, president and a director of American Continental.

George J. Wischer, vice president and husband of Judy Wischer.

Robert J. Kielty, a senior vice president, director and general counsel.

Elizabeth A. Kielty, wife of Robert Kielty.

Andrew M. Ligget, chief financial officer and a director.

Michelle Ligget, wife of Andrew Ligget.

Andre A. Niebling, a senior vice president, treasurer, director and chairman of Lincoln.

Helen M. Niebling, Andre Niebling’s wife.

Mark S. Sauter, an Ohio attorney who was a vice president and corporate counsel of Lincoln.

American Continental subsidiaries:

First Lincoln Financial Corp.

Medema Homes of Utah Inc.

United Leasing Corp. of Delaware

American Continental Mortgage Co.

American Continental Resources Corp.

Continental Fire & Casualty Co.

Tatum Place Inc.

American Continental Properties Inc.

Park Drive Apartments Inc.

A.C.C. Real Estate Inc.

Dunlap Apartments Inc.

American Continental Finance Corp. II

Continental Home Finance Corp.

American Home Finance Corp.

American Home Finance Corp. II

American Home Finance Corp. III


Here is a listing of defendants in a class-action lawsuit filed in Orange County, Calif., Superior Court on behalf of holders of American Continental junk bonds sold through Lincoln Savings branches. The suit claims the bond sales were a ″classic bait and switch″ sales scam, and the uninsured bonds were made to appear like savings accounts or certificates of deposit insured by the federal government.

The two suits are unrelated.

Charles H. Keating Jr.

Charles H. Keating III.

Judy J. Wischer.

Robert J. Kielty.

Sheldon K. Weiner, a senior vice president of American Continental, and a director.

Robert M. Wurzelbacher.

Andrew F. Ligget.

Andre A. Niebling.

Robin S. Symes, a past chairman of Lincoln.

Bruce F. Dickson, a senior vice president and a director.

Robert J. Hubbard Jr.

Mark A. Voigt, a director.

Gary W. Hall.

George J. Wischer.

Timothy C. Westfall, a vice president.

Timothy P. Kruckberg, a vice president.

Larry Dannenfeldt, a vice president.

Arthur Young & Co., an accounting firm hired by American Continental and Lincoln.

Jack Atchison, the head of Arthur Young’s audit team for American Continental and Lincoln, who was hired by American Continental in March 1988.

Arthur Anderson & Co., an accounting firm hired by American Continental and Lincoln.

Touche Ross & Co., an accounting firm hired by American Continental and Lincoln.

Parker, Milliken, Clark, O’Hara & Samuelian, a law firm hired by American Continental.

Franklin Tom, the Parker Milliken partner in charge of the ACC account, and a former commissioner of the California Department of Corporations.

Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler, a law firm hired by American Continental.

Star Bank, formerly known as First National Bank of Cincinnati, trustee for several of American Continental’s debenture sales.

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