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Quotes From the O.J. Simpson Case

June 9, 1995

Selected quotes from the O.J. Simpson case Thursday:

``It’s been a very difficult day for everyone. A very difficult week for everyone. The judge is very concerned for the jury and for the victims’ families who are in the courtroom, as well as everyone else who is participating.″ _ Defense attorney Robert Shapiro, after court was adjourned 90 minutes early because a juror was emotionally overcome while looking at graphic autopsy photos.

Prosecutor Brian Kelberg: ``Doctor, is there anything of which you are aware which leads you to believe, from a forensic pathologist’s standpoint, that there was a sexual assault of this woman?″

Coroner Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran: ``No.″ _ Exchange about Nicole Brown Simpson.

```Examination of the gastric contents reveals approximately 500 ml of chewed, semisolid food in the stomach. Recognizable food particles are identified as follows: pieces of pasta appearing to be rigatoni, fragments of apparent spinach leaves, and the remainder chewed, partially digested, nonrecognizable food material.′ ″ _ Lakshmanan reading Dr. Irwin Golden’s report on the contents of Ms. Simpson’s stomach.

``This is something you threaten somebody with. You threaten you’re going to do bodily harm to them.″ _ Lakshmanan describing two parallel but superficial incise wounds on Ronald Goldman’s neck.

``Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a long day, and we’re going to take a recess at this time.″ _ Superior Court Judge Lance Ito, calling an early end to the court session.

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