All work has dignity

September 5, 2018

Geoffrey Owens was once among the actors who performed on “The Cosby Show.’’ He now is employed at a Trader Joe’s store in New Jersey.

A customer recently saw Owens there and “shamed” him by taking and posting photos of the man at work. The customer seemed stunned a person of Owens’ stature would be performing such a task.

Numerous fellow actors came out in Owens’ defense, and now we do, too. Furthermore, the incident can lend advice on how to handle similar situations.

All work, from heart surgeon to ditch digger, holds dignity. Who’s to judge how you go about making ends meet?

You might have been on either end of a relatable situation in your own community. Sometimes, the star quarterback in high school will later be seen pumping gas at the local filling station. Or someone who once had a notable white-collar job is working the pay counter at the station because they lost their previous form of employment.

This scenario is becoming more and more common: A bright student, even a valedictorian, leaves for college with high hopes. But because jobs in their chosen field are hard to find, they end up back home working a job that doesn’t require a degree.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how someone comes to fill a job some of us have the audacity to look down upon. With another Labor Day just past, take time again to salute all workers of all types. Their efforts are what our country is built upon.

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