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Polish Parliament Approves New Cabinet Members

October 14, 1988

WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ Here is a complete list of the new Polish Council of Ministers after changes adopted by parliament on Friday.

Kazimierz Olesiak, Vice-Premier, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Economy (new)

Janusz Patorski, Vice-Premier (new)

Ireneusz Sekula, Vice-Premier, formerly Minister of Labor and Social Policy

Lukasz Balcer, Minister of Justice (new)

Bogumil Ferensztajn, Minister of Regional Planning of Construction (unchanged)

Jacek Fisiak, Minister of National Education (new)

Zbigniew Grabowski, Minister, head of the Office for Scientific- Technological Progress and its Implementation (new)

Dominik Jastrzebski, Minister for Foreign Economic Relations (new)

Michal Janiszewski, Minister, head of the Office of the Council of Ministers (unchanged)

Janusz Kaminski, Minister of Transport, Shipping, and Communication (unchanged)

Czeslaw Kiszczak, Minister of Internal Affairs (unchanged)

Jozef Koziol, formerly Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for agriculture, food and home trade, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources

Aleksander Krawczuk, Minister of Culture and Art (unchanged)

Aleskander Kwasniewski, Minister, member of the Council of Ministers planned to head the government Socio-Political Commitee (unchanged)

Wladyslaw Loranc, Minister, head of the Office for Religious Affairs (unchanged)

Marcin Nurowski, Minister of Home Market (new)

Tadeusz Olechowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs (unchanged)

Izabela Planeta-Malecka, Minister of Health and Social Welfare (new)

Florian Siwicki, Minister of National Defense (unchanged)

Mieczyslaw Wilczek, Minister of Industry (new)

Andrzej Wroblewski, Minister of Finance (new)

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