GENEVA (AP) _ Two United Nations aid agencies said Monday they will run out of money to feed refugees in 16 African countries within months unless the international community comes up with $81 million immediately.

The World Food Program and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said the funding crisis was caused by a big rise in the number of refugees in the countries, which include Tanzania, Kenya, Guinea and Zambia.

The two agencies say they need a total of $221 million to provide 363,000 tons of food this year.

The biggest problem is in Tanzania, where the WFP said it will be unable to feed some 525,000 people by July. The refugee population in that country has risen by 120,000 in the past five to six months, with most of the new arrivals coming from Burundi.

The ongoing conflict in Angola has led to a flood of new refugees into Zambia.

``It is unthinkable that within only a few months there will be over half a million people in Tanzania cut off from food aid that is crucial to their survival,'' Jean-Jacques Graisse, WFP's assistant director, said in a statement.

WFP estimates that the number of people receiving food in the 16 countries where it works with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees will rise to 2.065 million in 2000, from 1.9 million last year.

``One of my major concerns is that hungry refugees not be faced with the prospect of returning to areas that are not yet safe because they must feed their families. None of us should allow that to happen,'' said Sadako Ogata, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.