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‘Old Coke’ Loyalist To Get Free Case Of Coke Classic With AM-Coke

July 11, 1985

ATLANTA (AP) _ Gay Mullins, who started a grass-roots movement to return Coca-Cola to its original formula, will be one of the first to taste the fruits of his labor.

Coke is bringing back the old formula under the name ″Coca-Cola Classic,″ and at a news conference Thursday, company officials said Mullins, of Seattle, will be presented the first case of the soft drink to come off a bottling line in the Northwest.

Mullins, who formed Old Cola Drinkers of America after Coke introduced a new formula in April, symbolizes ″the love our consumers have for Coca- Cola,″ said Donald R. Keough, president of the Coca-Cola Co.

Noting that Mullins twice picked the new Coke over the old in blind taste tests, Keough said: ″Mr. Mullins says he ‘failed’ the taste test twice. We say he ‘passed’ the test twice.″

Coke announced that Coke Classic will be sold along with the company’s flagship brand, and said the old formula was being brought back because of public demand.

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