Nebraskans can protect their pet against diabetes

November 11, 2018

LINCOLN - Pet lovers in Nebraska take note – November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month.

Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Sarpong says diabetes is the most common endocrine disease affecting cats and dogs. She says about one in every 200 cats will develop diabetes and there are certain dog breeds, including miniature poodle, pug, dachshund and beagles that may be predisposed of the disease. The good news it can be treated.

Dr. Sarpong says, “Diet is one of the first things I talk to owners about is adjusting their diet so they don’t have high sugar spikes and insulin. Insulin comes in an injection and then we monitor their blood sugars. Not every day. Not like in people where they have to constantly check their blood sugar. Because they eat the same thing day in and day out we can usually find an insulin dose that works for them and for the long term.”

Symptoms include drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently. Often times a pet’s mood changes and they don’t want to sit on a lap, they lose weight or become cranky due to changes in the blood sugar.

When it comes to prevention, Dr. Sarpong says a good diet, plenty of exercise and spaying female dogs helps.

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