Parkinson’s Disease Support Group to meet Monday

August 10, 2018

POCATELLO — The Parkinson’s Disease Support Group will meet Monday at 11 a.m. at Monte Vista Hills Healthcare Center, 1071 Renee Ave in Pocatello.

At our support group meeting this month, we will have information on upcoming events and activities, including programs of interest to those with Parkinson’s or that have an interest in Parkinson’s. We will also have presentations from Davis Phinney Foundation’s Every Victory Counts. We invite you to come prepared to share ideas for future programs, success stories, information, etc.

Anyone with an interest in Parkinson’s support group activities are invited, including caregivers and providers. For additional information, contact Spencer at 208-604-3393 or stuckisk@gmail.com or Kim at 208-233-1411, ext. 224.

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