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Columbine Yearbook Honors Victims

May 11, 1999

LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) _ This year’s Columbine High School yearbook features a special section honoring the victims of the massacre at the school.

Columbine students began picking up their yearbooks Monday. The yearbook shows the senior pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 12 classmates and a teacher inside the school April 20 before taking their own lives. It also has a special insert remembering the slain students and teacher.

Senior Megan Fasano was among the students who picked up a yearbook Monday night at a church near the still-closed school. She and her friends gave the yearbook _ called Rebelations for the school’s team name, the Rebels _ a quick glance to see the photos of Harris and Klebold.

``It’s hard to see Dylan’s and Eric’s face,″ Ms. Fasano said.

Another senior, Lesley Pech, objected to the photos.

``I don’t think they should have their photos in the yearbook,″ she said. ``They look happy and innocent, but it’s them who ruined everything.″ But Terra Oglesbee, a senior who had classes with Harris, said the two deserve photos because ``they were students. They were people, too.″

While their senior pictures are included, the two are not pictured in the special four-page memorial supplement. It has pictures of their 13 victims _ 12 students and a teacher _ with their names and birthdates.

The front has the words ``We are still Columbine″ and a picture of the flower that gives the school its name. On the back, the lyrics of ``Columbine, Friend of Mine,″ the song written in memory of the tragedy, are superimposed on a picture of the school.

The yearbook club had the option of stopping publication of the book after the rampage, but opted to go ahead. The main book, featuring a solid red cover, was essentially completed in February. The club added one insert with pictures of the prom and other activities that took place since February and another for those killed in the rampage.

``The staff didn’t want to start all over,″ said Eric Friesen, an English teacher who is yearbook director at Columbine.

Friesen said he expects about 90 percent of Columbine’s 1,900 students to buy this year’s book, about the same percentage as in previous years. For some of those students, seeing pictures of their slain friends will be bittersweet.

``It feels different and weird to look at a yearbook now,″ Ms. Fasano said.

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