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Rain And Snow Over The Southwest, Fog Elsewhere

December 17, 1986

Undated (AP) _ Rain and up to 6 inches of snow fell Wednesday over parts of the Southwest, while damp, foggy weather spread over large parts of the Eastern half of the nation and dense fog socked in part of the West.

A weather system over the Southwest produced rain and snow showers across Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas. A travelers’ advisory warned of snow and locally dense fog across higher elevations of the White Mountains and the Mogollon Rim areas of northern and central Arizona.

Up to 6 inches of snow fell during the morning north of Flagstaff, Ariz., and more than an inch of rain was reported over central and southeastern parts of the state.

Areas of light rain, drizzle and fog extended from the central and western Gulf Coast region across the middle Mississippi and Tennessee valleys to the Ohio Valley.

Fog also was reported over Michigan, parts of Texas, eastern Oklahoma, the valleys of the Northwest and western Montana.

Northern Utah had a third day of dense, acrid fog that cut visibility in some spots to one city block, slowed traffic and forced diversion of flights from Salt Lake International Airport to other airports around the state.

″It’s been busy, but it’s been exciting,″ said Sylvia Orosco, secretary at the Ogden Municipal Airport, where some flights diverted. Passengers ″all want to know at once what’s going to happen to them.″

A cold front extending from Wisconsin across northwestern Missouri to western Texas brought drier and cooler weather to the nation’s mid section.

A storm system was expected to develop and carry foul weather to the Northeast. Snow was expected across much of western and upstate New York and across much of New England.

Highs were only in the teens and 20s across much of Maine, but Florida again had temperatures in the 70s and lower 80s.

Temperatures around the nation at 2 p.m. EST ranged from 6 degrees at Jackson, Wyo., to 81 at Homestead, Fla. The low for the day was 21 degrees below zero at Houlton, Maine.

For Thursday, rain, with snow in the mountains, was forecast across northern California and Oregon. Rain was forecast across parts of Texsas, the Gulf Coast region, the lower Mississippi Valley, Alabama, Georgia and northern Florida, and from the Carolinas and eastern Tennessee across the central Appalachians to the middle Atlantic Coast region and southern New England.

Scattered thunderstorms were forecast across the central and eastern Gulf Coast region. Snow was forecast from the upper Ohio Valley across upstate New York to central and northern New England, and over the higher elevations of the central Appalachians.

Highs in the upper 20s were predicted over northeastern Minnesota and Upper Michigan; in the 50s and 60s across much of California, southern Nevada and southern Arizona, and from southern Texas across the lower Mississippi Valley, the Tennessee Valley and the Southeast to the Carolinas and Florida; in the 80s over southern Florida; and in the 30s and 40s over most of the nation.

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